Do you find your missing teeth affect your speech or eating habits? Are you self-conscious because of the way missing teeth make your smile appear? If this sounds familiar, then don’t despair. Here at Phoenix Dental Practice in London we are pleased to offer a range of exceptional treatments to restore your smile back to health and looking beautiful once more. Amongst our range of treatments for replacing lost teeth are the latest dentures and bridges.

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Fixed dental bridges are made up of one or more crowns which ‘bridge the gap’ created by missing teeth. These highly effective dental devices are held in place by crowns, typically secured to the natural teeth either side of the gap. Fixed dental bridges are made with precision using high-quality materials, so they look and feel very natural and are extremely durable and hardwearing. For even more security and the most natural tooth replacement option currently available, you may wish to consider implant retained bridges – this is not currently offered at Phoenix Dental Practice however we can arrange a referral to an appropriately qualified surgeon. Using the latest in dental implant technology we can secure your bridge so that your restoration is as secure and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

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Dentures are still very popular for replacing missing teeth. Modern dentures are made using high-quality metal or acrylic as a base, with realistic gum coloured plastic and false teeth completing the denture.

The device can be held in place with metal or cosmetic coloured clasps and you should be aware that these can be visible when the mouth is open. Dentures are usually the most cost-effective and convenient choice for replacing missing teeth.


Despite precision moulding and fitting, some patients can find dentures uncomfortable. It may be that anchoring dentures in position with dental implants is a great option if you do struggle with loose or uncomfortable dentures. Dental implants effectively replace the tooth root, providing the most natural-feeling and secure option for tooth replacements such as dentures, bridges and dental crowns. With the added security of implants, you can restore your smile effectively, with sore or loose-fitting dentures being a thing of the past. Implants are not currently provided at Phoenix Dental Practice, however we can refer you to trusted professionals for this treatment if requested.

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