Phoenix Dental Practice in Palmers Green provides a wide range of preventative services and treatments to help patients avoid dental issues like tooth decay. However, for lots of reasons, decay may still occur in which case we may need to provide cavity treatment to save the remaining tooth.


When you have a large amount of tooth decay on one tooth we need to remove it and fill the hole left behind with a filling. When you have a filling with us, we apply a quick local anaesthetic to the area to ensure you don’t experience any pain at all during the treatment. Once the area is totally numb we will then remove any decay and prepare the tooth for the filling. Once the filling is placed we will shape it to fit your bite, ensuring it is comfortable and secure.

If you have extensive decay we may need to fit a partial crown or inlay, but we will discuss this with you first. We never perform any treatment without consulting with you to ensure you are happy to go ahead.


Many patients prefer that we use a white filling made from composite resin instead of the traditional amalgam (silver coloured) versions. White fillings are a very effective alternative to amalgam fillings and can be equally as effective as amalgam depending on where they are placed.

White fillings ensure that the dental decay is replaced effectively, maintaining the integrity of the tooth, whilst also ensuring the aesthetics of the smile are maintained. The product is tooth coloured and blends in with the surrounding teeth so that it is almost impossible to notice.


Amalgam fillings are the default filling we use to complete cavity treatment at the back of the mouth. Silver in colour, amalgam fillings are made with an effective combination of silver, mercury, tin and other metals. When you have an amalgam filling it is guaranteed to be durable and long-lasting and is often used in cavity treatment completed on teeth towards the back of the mouth where the teeth get lots of wear. When the filling is going to be more visible we may recommend a white filling for aesthetic purposes.


If you have extensive tooth decay, an infection may occur within the nerve chamber of the tooth, causing widespread tooth damage. To try and save the tooth we will remove the infected and damaged tooth pulp, clean the tooth, fill it and then seal it. This process can be completed over several appointments, although we always try to complete it within one appointment. After root canal treatment, teeth may become more brittle and likely to fracture. In certain cases, a crown may be recommended for long term survival of the tooth.


If you would like to speak to our team about dental cavity treatment, white fillings or root canal therapy, please get in touch. We have the experience, equipment and treatments to do everything possible to save teeth that may be affected by dental decay. Please use our handy online booking form to book an appointment with us, or get in touch on 0203 417 9960 and speak to our friendly team today.